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Скачал последнюю версию Thinstation 5.6.
Настраиваю всё как обычно, а при загрузке через TftpBoot получаю:
Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)...

Кто-нибудь сталкивался с подобным?

Попробовал вернуть исходный build.conf.example, внёс минимальные правки и такая же ошибка.

    machine VMWare# A good set of modules for a VmWare Virtual Machine
    module usb-storage
    module isofs # ISO9960 file system support for CDRoms
    module udf# CDRom UDF file system support
    module vfat # Fat and VFat file system support
    module ext4# Ext4 file system support
    package overlayfs# This is needed in order for squashfs compression mode to work.
    package ts-classic # The classic ts logic for network/netfiles/hostname/mounting/telnetd/telnet/playcd
    # from the TFTP-server
    package udisks
    package networkmanager
    package ntp# Utility to obtain date & time from network
    # your remote session.
    package alsa
    package gnome-media
    package gnome-core
    package volumeicon
    package gst-plugins-base
    package gst-plugins-good
    package cpufreq
    package xorg7-vesa#A fallback driver that works with almost everything. Does allow resolution changes
    package xorg7-vmware
    package xorg7-ati#ATI video driver for most modern ATI chipsets. Usually requires several firmwares
    package xorg7-nouveau#New opensource nvidia driver
    package xorg7-openchrome#Via Video Chipsets driver
    package xorg7-intel#Intel video driver for most modern chipsets except the GMA3500/3600
    package xorg7-qxl#QEMU video driver
    package locale-en_US # English-US
    package locale-ru_RU # Russian
    package freerdp# X RDP Client - fork of rdesktop
    package open-vm-tools
    # more help.
    package xfwm4
    package xfce4-power-manager
    package terminal# Terminal emulator for xfwm4 -- Pulls in xfwm4
    package thunar# File Manager for xfwm4 -- Pulls in xfwm4
    # The standard page is for general user settings, administrative access
    # is on port 6800.
    package cups
    # for thinstation on a WAN over a slow link.
    # local floppy/cdrom/hd/printer to other Windows
    # PCs. Needs supermount for removeable media.
    package samba-client# Samba smbclient, gives a shell like environment to access an samba server
    # adds some networking based options for downloading configuration files or
    # in using hdupdate package.
    package gtk-2.0# Full gtk-2.0 plus clearlooks theme
    package icons-cursor# Anti Aliased Mouse Cursor Theme
    package icons-hicolor # Hi-Color icons for some applications and themes. Does not really contain any icons.
    package icons-gnome # gnome Hi-Color icons theme. Needed by most other icon themes.
    package fonts-TTF-BH# This one works nicely most of the time and is small.
    package fonts-TTF-vera
    # Might want to talk to a lawyer before using these.
    package fonts-TTF-liberation
    package set-resolution# Allows the user to change the resolution via the start-menu.
    # management via automatic updates and version control when the client boots. For more information
    # see /ts/build/Documentation/README.local-install and /ts/build/thinstation.conf.sample
    # (generated during first build)
    # For example have a background-image in the build with an error-message and then in
    # thinstation.conf.network set the "regular" background. This way the user will receive an
    # error message on the screen if the client was unable to get the config files from the
    # Web- or TFTP-server when it booted.
    # memory utilization. Cool/Dangerous . Harder to dubug other packages. (Finishing Touch)
    # Set to 'true' to enable or 'lotsofmem' for slightly slower booting but no squash lag on app launch.
    param rootpasswd pleasechangeme# Do Change! Console/telnet password for root
    # If this is enabled, Telnetd will be enabled.
    param xorgvncpasswd pleasechangeme# VNC Access Password
    param storagepasswd pleasechangeme# Password for storage server
    param dialuppasswd pleasechangeme# Password for dialin account
    param sambapasswd pleasechangeme # Password for samba shares when using user mode security
    param bootlogo true# Enable or Disable the use of the Boot splash.
    param boottheme default # Backgound picture during boot
    param splash silent
    param fbmtrr 0 # MTRR value for uvesafb (default = 0, 4 is the best) grep your log to make sure you have not set it to high
    param fbsm ywrap # Window scrolling method (redraw, ypan, ywrap) ywrap is best, but may not work correctly for all people
    param bootresolution 1280x768-32
    param desktop file:./backgrounds/Hive_Lite.jpg# Custom image to load as desktop background
    param defaultconfig thinstation.conf.buildtime # The file with default setup. No other config file is found
    # during boot.
    param basename thinstation # Used for all config/tftp/scp file names
    param basepath ts5.6 # Used to determine path to tftp/scp files
    param baseurl http://www.doncuppjr.net# Used to determine url to wget files
    param haltonerror false# Will halt on error, default is true
    param hardlinkfs true
    param sametimestmp true # When enabled, the timestamps for all files and folders will be set to 00:00 of todays date in your timezone
    param initrdcmd "squashfs"# Compression mode and level of initrd file. none, gzip -9, lzma -9 ,bzip2 -9
    param bootverbosity 3 # Increased vebosity when booting TS
    # 0 no verbose messages
    # 1 boot
    # 2 network
    # 4 init
    # 8 kernel
    # 16 modules
    # 32 packages
    # 64 email bootlog file to SMTP server & user set in
    # thinstation.conf file. This will only work
    # if networking is working.
    # Combinations can be used (e.g. 24 does Kernel and Module Messages)
    param downloads /downloads
    param bootimages "pxe"
    # the syslinux image from. Result is generated in
    # /ts/build/boot-images/pxe/boot/lpxelinux/pxelinux.cfg/default
    # so that you can specify APPEND initrd=http://<bootserver>/boot/initrd
    param syslinuxtheme "default"
    package alltimezone
    param earlymicrocodefalse# Builds microcode initramfs for early loading
    # by kernel. Needs kernel with MICROCODE_EARLY=y.
    param blacklist snd-pcsp.ko
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Похоже не видит корневую файловую систему. Проверьте параметры в загрузчике, может они остались со старых версий.
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Форум. Тонкие клиенты. » Тематический флейм » При загрузке: Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to
TS 5.5 freerdp помогите разобраться с флешками :Предыдущая темаСледующая тема: Скрипт автозапуска
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