This is FreeRDP version 2.0.0-dev (git 8ea8b7c) (thinstation-5.5-Stable)

FreeRDP является свободной реализацией протокола удаленного рабочего стола (RDP), выпущен под лицензией Apache. Активно развивается.

FreeRDP - A Free Remote Desktop Protocol Implementation
See for more information

Usage: xfreerdp [file] [options] [/v:<server>[:port]]

    /flag (enables flag)
    /option:<value> (specifies option with value)
    +toggle -toggle (enables or disables toggle, where '/' is a synonym of '+')

    /v:<server>[:port]   	Server hostname
    /port:<number>       	Server port
    /w:<width>           	Width
    /h:<height>          	Height
    /size:<width>x<height> or <percent>%	Screen size
    /f                   	Fullscreen mode
    /bpp:<depth>         	Session bpp (color depth)
    /kbd:0x<layout id> or <layout name>	Keyboard layout
    /kbd-list            	List keyboard layouts
    /kbd-type:<type id>  	Keyboard type
    /kbd-subtype:<subtype id>	Keyboard subtype
    /kbd-fn-key:<function key count>	Keyboard function key count
    /admin               	Admin (or console) session
    /restricted-admin    	Restricted admin mode
    /pth:<password hash> 	Pass the hash (restricted admin mode)
    /client-hostname:<name>	Client Hostname to send to server
    /multimon            	Use multiple monitors
    /span                	Span screen over multiple monitors
    /workarea            	Use available work area
    /monitors:<0,1,2...> 	Select monitors to use
    /monitor-list        	List detected monitors
    /t:<title>           	Window title
    -decorations (default:on)	Window decorations
    /smart-sizing:<width>x<height>	Scale remote desktop to window size
    /a                   	Addin
    /vc                  	Static virtual channel
    /dvc                 	Dynamic virtual channel
    /u:[<domain>\]<user> or <user>[@<domain>]	Username
    /p:<password>        	Password
    /d:<domain>          	Domain
    /g:<gateway>[:port]  	Gateway Hostname
    /gu:[<domain>\]<user> or <user>[@<domain>]	Gateway username
    /gp:<password>       	Gateway password
    /gd:<domain>         	Gateway domain
    /gt:<rpc|http|auto>  	Gateway transport type
    /gateway-usage-method:<direct|detect>	Gateway usage method
    /load-balance-info:<info string>	Load balance info
    /app:<executable path> or <||alias>	Remote application program
    /app-name:<app name> 	Remote application name for user interface
    /app-icon:<icon path>	Remote application icon for user interface
    /app-cmd:<parameters>	Remote application command-line parameters
    /app-file:<file name>	File to open with remote application
    /app-guid:<app guid> 	Remote application GUID
    -compression (default:on)	Compression
    /compression-level:<level>	Compression level (0,1,2)
    /shell               	Alternate shell
    /shell-dir           	Shell working directory
    /sound:[sys][dev][format][rate][channel][latency][quality]	Audio output (sound)
    /microphone:[sys][dev][format][rate][channel]	Audio input (microphone)
    /audio-mode          	Audio output mode
    /multimedia:[sys][dev][decoder]	Redirect multimedia (video)
    /network             	Network connection type
    /drive               	Redirect drive
    +drives (default:off)	Redirect all drives
    +home-drive (default:off)	Redirect home drive
    +clipboard (default:off)	Redirect clipboard
    /serial              	Redirect serial device
    /parallel            	Redirect parallel device
    /smartcard           	Redirect smartcard device
    /printer             	Redirect printer device
    /usb:[dbg][dev][id|addr][auto]	Redirect USB device
    +multitouch (default:off)	Redirect multitouch input
    +gestures (default:off)	Consume multitouch input locally
    +unmap-buttons (default:off)	Let server see real physical pointer button
    /echo                	Echo channel
    /disp                	Display control
    +fonts (default:off) 	Smooth fonts (ClearType)
    +aero (default:off)  	Desktop composition
    +window-drag (default:off)	Full window drag
    +menu-anims (default:off)	Menu animations
    -themes (default:on) 	Themes
    -wallpaper (default:on)	Wallpaper
    /gdi:<sw|hw>         	GDI rendering
    /gfx:<RFX|AVC420|AVC444>	RDP8 graphics pipeline (experimental)
    +gfx-thin-client (default:off)	RDP8 graphics pipeline thin client mode
    +gfx-small-cache (default:off)	RDP8 graphics pipeline small cache mode
    +gfx-progressive (default:off)	RDP8 graphics pipeline progressive codec
    /gfx-h264:<AVC420|AVC444>	RDP8.1 graphics pipeline H264 codec
    /rfx                 	RemoteFX
    /rfx-mode:<image|video>	RemoteFX mode
    /frame-ack:<number>  	Frame acknowledgement
    /nsc                 	NSCodec
    /jpeg                	JPEG codec
    /jpeg-quality:<percentage>	JPEG quality
    -nego (default:on)   	protocol security negotiation
    /sec:<rdp|tls|nla|ext>	force specific protocol security
    -sec-rdp (default:on)	rdp protocol security
    -sec-tls (default:on)	tls protocol security
    -sec-nla (default:on)	nla protocol security
    +sec-ext (default:off)	nla extended protocol security
    /tls-ciphers:<netmon|ma|ciphers>	Allowed TLS ciphers
    /cert-name:<name>    	certificate name
    /cert-ignore         	ignore certificate
    /cert-tofu           	Automatically accept certificate on first connect
    /pcb:<blob>          	Preconnection Blob
    /pcid:<id>           	Preconnection Id
    /spn-class:<service class>	SPN authentication service class
    +credentials-delegation (default:off)	Disable credentials delegation
    /vmconnect:<vmid>    	Hyper-V console (use port 2179, disable negotiation)
    -authentication (default:on)	authentication (hack!)
    -encryption (default:on)	encryption (hack!)
    -grab-keyboard (default:on)	grab keyboard
    -toggle-fullscreen (default:on)	Alt+Ctrl+Enter toggles fullscreen
    -mouse-motion (default:on)	mouse-motion
    /parent-window:<window id>	Parent window id
    -bitmap-cache (default:on)	bitmap cache
    -offscreen-cache (default:on)	offscreen bitmap cache
    -glyph-cache (default:on)	glyph cache
    /codec-cache:<rfx|nsc|jpeg>	bitmap codec cache
    -fast-path (default:on)	fast-path input/output
    /max-fast-path-size:<size>	maximum fast-path update size
    +async-input (default:off)	asynchronous input
    +async-update (default:off)	asynchronous update
    +async-transport (default:off)	asynchronous transport (unstable)
    +async-channels (default:off)	asynchronous channels (unstable)
    /wm-class:<class name>	set the WM_CLASS hint for the window instance
    /version             	print version
    /help                	print help
    /play-rfx:<pcap file>	Replay rfx pcap file
    +auth-only (default:off)	Authenticate only.
    +auto-reconnect (default:off)	Automatic reconnection
    /reconnect-cookie:<base64 cookie>	Pass base64 reconnect cookie to the connection
    +print-reconnect-cookie (default:off)	Print base64 reconnect cookie after connecting
    +heartbeat (default:off)	Support heartbeat PDUs
    +multitransport (default:off)	Support multitransport protocol
    /assistance:<password>	Remote assistance password
    /encryption-methods:<40,56,128,FIPS>	RDP standard security encryption methods
    /from-stdin          	Read credentials from stdin, do not use defaults.
    /buildconfig         	print the build configuration
    /log-level:[OFF|FATAL|ERROR|WARN|INFO|DEBUG|TRACE]	Set the default log level
    /log-filters:<logger tag>:<log level>[, <logger tag>:<log level>][, ...]]	Set logger filters
    /pwidth:<physical width (mm)>	Physical width of display (in millimeters)
    /pheight:<physical height (mm)>	Physical height of display (in millimeters)
    /orientation:<orientation>	Orientation of display in degrees (0, 90, 180, 270)
    /scale:<scale amount (%%)>	Scaling factor of the display (value of 100, 140, or 180)
    /scale-desktop:<scale amount (%%)>	Scaling factor for desktop applications (value between 100 and 500)
    /scale-device:<scale amount (%%)>	Scaling factor for app store applications (100, 140, or 180)

    xfreerdp connection.rdp /p:Pwd123! /f
    xfreerdp /u:CONTOSO\JohnDoe /p:Pwd123! /
    xfreerdp /u:JohnDoe /p:Pwd123! /w:1366 /h:768 /v:
    xfreerdp /u:JohnDoe /p:Pwd123! /vmconnect:C824F53E-95D2-46C6-9A18-23A5BB403532 /v:

Clipboard Redirection: +clipboard

Drive Redirection: /drive:home,/home/user
Smartcard Redirection: /smartcard:<device>
Serial Port Redirection: /serial:<name>,<device>,[SerCx2|SerCx|Serial],[permissive]
Serial Port Redirection: /serial:COM1,/dev/ttyS0
Parallel Port Redirection: /parallel:<device>
Printer Redirection: /printer:<device>,<driver>

Audio Output Redirection: /sound:sys:oss,dev:1,format:1
Audio Output Redirection: /sound:sys:alsa
Audio Input Redirection: /microphone:sys:oss,dev:1,format:1
Audio Input Redirection: /microphone:sys:alsa

Multimedia Redirection: /multimedia:sys:oss,dev:/dev/dsp1,decoder:ffmpeg
Multimedia Redirection: /multimedia:sys:alsa
USB Device Redirection: /usb:id,dev:054c:0268

More documentation is coming, in the meantime consult source files

Rdesktop (Version 1.8.3)(thinstation-5.5-Stable)(raw-keyboard патч, опция "-y")

Rdesktop — открытый клиент для сервера терминалов Windows NT и Windows 2000/2003/2008/2012 (RDP), предназначенный для доступа терминального клиента к рабочему столу Windows.

rdesktop: A Remote Desktop Protocol client.
Version 1.8.3. Copyright (C) 1999-2011 Matthew Chapman et al.
See for more information.

Usage: rdesktop [options] server[:port]
   -u: user name
   -d: domain
   -s: shell / seamless application to start remotly
   -c: working directory
   -p: password (- to prompt)
   -n: client hostname
   -k: keyboard layout on server (en-us, de, sv, etc.)
   -g: desktop geometry (WxH)
   -i: enables smartcard authentication, password is used as pin
   -f: full-screen mode
   -b: force bitmap updates
   -L: local codepage
   -A: path to SeamlessRDP shell, this enables SeamlessRDP mode
   -B: use BackingStore of X-server (if available)
   -e: disable encryption (French TS)
   -E: disable encryption from client to server
   -m: do not send motion events
   -C: use private colour map
   -D: hide window manager decorations
   -K: keep window manager key bindings
   -S: caption button size (single application mode)
   -T: window title
   -t: disable use of remote ctrl
   -N: enable numlock syncronization
   -X: embed into another window with a given id.
   -a: connection colour depth
   -z: enable rdp compression
   -x: RDP5 experience (m[odem 28.8], b[roadband], l[an] or hex nr.)
   -P: use persistent bitmap caching
   -r: enable specified device redirection (this flag can be repeated)
         '-r comport:COM1=/dev/ttyS0': enable serial redirection of /dev/ttyS0 to COM1
             or      COM1=/dev/ttyS0,COM2=/dev/ttyS1
         '-r disk:floppy=/mnt/floppy': enable redirection of /mnt/floppy to 'floppy' share
             or   'floppy=/mnt/floppy,cdrom=/mnt/cdrom'
         '-r clientname=<client name>': Set the client name displayed
             for redirected disks
         '-r lptport:LPT1=/dev/lp0': enable parallel redirection of /dev/lp0 to LPT1
             or      LPT1=/dev/lp0,LPT2=/dev/lp1
         '-r printer:mydeskjet': enable printer redirection
             or      mydeskjet="HP LaserJet IIIP" to enter server driver as well
         '-r sound:[local[:driver[:device]]|off|remote]': enable sound redirection
                     remote would leave sound on server
                     available drivers for 'local':
                     alsa:	ALSA output driver, default device: default
                     oss:	OSS output driver, default device: /dev/dsp or $AUDIODEV
         '-r clipboard:[off|PRIMARYCLIPBOARD|CLIPBOARD]': enable clipboard
                      'PRIMARYCLIPBOARD' looks at both PRIMARY and CLIPBOARD
                      when sending data to server.
                      'CLIPBOARD' looks at only CLIPBOARD.
         '-r scard[:"Scard Name"="Alias Name[;Vendor Name]"[,...]]
          example: -r scard:"eToken PRO 00 00"="AKS ifdh 0"
                   "eToken PRO 00 00" -> Device in Linux/Unix enviroment
                   "AKS ifdh 0"       -> Device shown in Windows enviroment 
          example: -r scard:"eToken PRO 00 00"="AKS ifdh 0;AKS"
                   "eToken PRO 00 00" -> Device in Linux/Unix enviroment
                   "AKS ifdh 0"       -> Device shown in Windows enviroment 
                   "AKS"              -> Device vendor name                 
   -0: attach to console
   -4: use RDP version 4
   -5: use RDP version 5 (default)
   -y: use raw keyboard (default no)
   -Y: use raw keyboard with platform-independent raw-converter (default no)
   -o: name=value: Adds an additional option to rdesktop.
           sc-csp-name        Specifies the Crypto Service Provider name which
                              is used to authenticate the user by smartcard
           sc-container-name  Specifies the container name, this is usally the username
           sc-reader-name     Smartcard reader name to use
           sc-card-name       Specifies the card name of the smartcard to use

Xdialog v2.3.1

Создание простых интерфейсов к скриптам для X. Примеры с кодом:

Xdialog v2.3.1 by Thierry Godefroy <[email protected]> (v1.0 was
written by Alfred at Cyberone Internet <[email protected]>).
Xdialog home page available at:

Usage: ./Xdialog [<common options>] [<transient options>] <box option> ...

Common options:
  --wmclass <name>
  --rc-file <gtkrc filename>
  --backtitle <backtitle>
  --title <title>
  --allow-close | --no-close
  --screen-center | --under-mouse | --auto-placement
  --center | --right | --left | --fill
  --no-wrap | --wrap
  --cr-wrap | --no-cr-wrap
  --stderr | --stdout
  --separator <character> | --separate-output
  --buttons-style default|icon|text

Transient options:
  --password (may be repeated 2 or 3 times before --2inputsbox or --3inputsbox)
  --password=1|2 (for --2inputsbox or --3inputsbox)
  --time-stamp | --date-stamp
  --interval <timeout>
  --timeout <timeout> (in seconds)
  --item-help (if used, the {...} parameters are needed in menus/lists widgets)
  --default-item <tag>
  --icon <xpm filename>
  --help <help>
  --print <printer> (1)
  --check <label> [<status>]
  --ok-label <label>
  --cancel-label <label>
  --begin <Yorg> <Xorg>

Box options:
  --yesno	<text> <height> <width>
  --msgbox	<text> <height> <width>
  --infobox	<text> <height> <width> [<timeout>]
  --gauge	<text> <height> <width> [<percent>]
  --progress	<text> <height> <width> [<maxdots> [[-]<msglen>]]
  --inputbox	<text> <height> <width> [<init>]
  --2inputsbox	<text> <height> <width> <label1> <init1> <label2> <init2>
  --3inputsbox	<text> <height> <width> <label1> <init1> <label2> <init2> <label3> <init3>
  --combobox	<text> <height> <width> <item1> ... <itemN>
  --rangebox	<text> <height> <width> <min value> <max value> [<default value>]
  --2rangesbox	<text> <height> <width> <label1> <min1> <max1> <def1> <label2> <min2> <max2> <def2>
  --3rangesbox	<text> <height> <width> <label1> <min1> <max1> <def1> ... <label3> <min3> <max3> <def3>
  --spinbox	<text> <height> <width> <min value> <max value> <default value> <label>
  --2spinsbox	<text> <height> <width> <min1> <max1> <def1> <label1> <min2> <max2> <def2> <label2>
  --3spinsbox	<text> <height> <width> <min1> <max1> <def1> <label1> ... <min3> <max3> <def3> <label3>
  --textbox	<file> <height> <width>
  --editbox	<file> <height> <width>
  --tailbox	<file> <height> <width>
  --logbox	<file> <height> <width>
  --menubox	<text> <height> <width> <menu height> <tag1> <item1> {<help1>}...
  --checklist	<text> <height> <width> <list height> <tag1> <item1> <status1> {<help1>}...
  --radiolist	<text> <height> <width> <list height> <tag1> <item1> <status1> {<help1>}...
  --buildlist	<text> <height> <width> <list height> <tag1> <item1> <status1> {<help1>}...
  --treeview	<text> <height> <width> <list height> <tag1> <item1> <status1> <item_depth1> {<help1>}...
  --fselect	<file> <height> <width>
  --dselect	<directory> <height> <width>
  --colorsel	<text> <height> <width> [<red> <green> <blue>]
  --fontsel	<font name> <height> <width>
  --calendar	<text> <height> <width> [<day> <month> <year>]
  --timebox	<text> <height> <width> [<hours> <minutes> <seconds>]

Special options:
  --version		(prints version number to stderr and exits).
  --print-version	(same as above in a cdialog-compatible way).
  --print-maxsize	(prints maximum menu size in characters and exits).

Note that <height> and <width> are in characters and may be replaced by a single
XSIZExYSIZE[+/-XORG+/-YORG] parameter (like the one passed in the -geometry option
of X) which will represent the size of the Xdialog window in pixels. Specifying
a size of 0 0 (or 0x0) will auto-size Xdialog, while a size of -1 -1 (or -1x-1)
will maximize it.

(1) This Xdialog binary compiled with: lpr -P<printer>
    as the print command. If <printer> is "" (an empty string), the -P
    option is not used.
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